Fuel System Cleaning at Tuffy Naples for Better Performance

June 26, 2022

Hi Naples residents. Let's talk fuel injectors. A fuel injector is a valve that delivers fuel to a vehicle's engine. It has to deliver the precise amount of fuel to precisely the right place, precisely when the engine needs it. The fuel also has to be mixed with air before it can burn in the eng... More

Relax When the Wind Blows in Florida: Winter Car Prep for Naples Drivers

June 19, 2022

When autumn comes around in Naples, leaves fall, nights get longer and there's a definite nip in the air. Time to unpack the boots and gloves and fold some extra blankets onto the beds. It's also time for Naples drivers to winterize their vehicles.Here is some expert auto advice for Naples driver... More

Don't Stack the Mat

June 12, 2022

In the sloppy cold weather months, you might be tempted to pick up an all-weather mat and throw it on top of the mats you already have in your vehicle. After all, double protection is better, right? In this case, wrong. Here's why. It's important to keep the accelerator and brake pedals clear so ... More

The Tuffy Naples Guide to Saving Fuel: Get Rid of Dirty Oil

June 5, 2022

A lot of us drivers are asking ourselves the same question lately: how can we save on fuel? Naples area residents are all cutting back, if not in fuel consumption, then in other areas of our lives. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is an important way people in Naples can conserve fue... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Naples: Brake Noise

May 29, 2022

Your brake pads are the important parts that rub against the rotor (or disc) to slow and stop your car when driving in Naples. They eventually wear down.When your pads are worn too much, they wont stop your vehicle as well. When the friction material is worn away, metal parts of the pad are expos... More

Getting from E to F (Fuel Gauge Problems)

May 22, 2022

Who thinks about their fuel gauge? You probably don't until it doesn't work any more. Then you have to guess how much fuel is in your tank, and that's no way to live life on the road. Fuel gauges, like every other part in your vehicle, can fail. And when yours stops working, you will probably... More

Combustion Choreography: Timing Belt Replacement at Tuffy Naples in Naples

May 17, 2022

Have you ever seen a ballet performance? Have you wondered how all of those dancers manage to travel all over the stage jumping and twirling and never crash into each other? That's the job of a choreographer.Our auto engines are also highly choreographed. Pistons travel up and down inside cylinde... More

How Much is Enough for Naples Auto Owners? Tire Tread Depth

May 8, 2022

Most Naples drivers know that tires wear out and that the wear has to do with tread depth. Most of us have heard that bald tires are dangerous, but most of us picture a tire with no tread at all when we think of a bald tire. And when we take our vehicles in for preventive maintenance, the techni... More

Engine Air Filter from Tuffy Naples

May 1, 2022

Many Naples drivers have found themselves in the following situation: They go to get their oil changed and their friendly service advisor at Tuffy Naples recommends a new engine air filter. They say yes, but don't know what an air filter is or what it does.If this has happened to you, rest assur... More

Naples Exhaust and Emissions Service

April 24, 2022

Many Naples residents don't realize that there is more to exhaust system maintenance than just tailpipes and mufflers, if you can see smoke or if it's too loud. Exhaust service at a full-service automotive center like Tuffy Naples is really a lot more comprehensive these days.For example, in the... More